Monday, December 3, 2012

[FACEit] sometimes drug store brand make-up is just as good as department store brands

Did you know that a lot of department stores own drug store make-up brands too?  Usually I'm the type of person to spend the extra money on something that I believe has a better value, but sometimes the cheaper version isn't such a bad idea.

Lancome makes a felt tip, liquid eyeliner that is sold for $22.  Loreal is a drug store brand owned by Lancome.  They sell the same product for less than $10.  The eyeliner applies just as well as the Lancome liner and lasts just as long.

If your loyalty remains with a department store brand like me, but you need to cut back on spending a little, you should see if they have a drug store brand.  You won't have to compromise on quality and the drug store is on your way home anyway!

Can you [FACEit]?


  1. I'm going to take this advice the next time I go makeup shopping.

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog, Frank! I'm glad you found my advice useful. Keep reading for more beauty tips.