Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[FACEit] mascara can actually make your lashes grow

I used to pick off my mascara when I was bored in class, or waiting for an appointment, so my lashes started thinning and breaking.  It was a bad habit that was hard to break.  I pretty much picked it off every day.  I wasn't just picking off mascara though, the ends of my lashes were breaking off and even coming out completely.  They used to be so much longer and I hated the way they were looking.   I broke the habit but my lashes still looked pathetic.

To try and make them look good I'd pile on layers of mascara. It was so hard to wash off the make-up.  I was going through mascara way too fast and my lashes weren't looking much better so I tried out Lancome's Definicils Precious Cells.  I never in a million years thought the stuff would actually work but I was pretty desperate.  After about 3 months and 3 tubes of mascara I actually noticed my eyelashes were thicker and fuller!

Can you [FACEit]?

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