Friday, November 16, 2012

[FACEit] your eyebrows look just as fake as hers

Eyebrows.  They make or break our faces.  We want to cry when they look bad.  We want them to be perfect, but not so perfect to the point that they don't look real.  Have you ever looked at the girls brows walking by you and thought, does she really think they look natural?? Or are YOU that girl?  Sometimes we even look back at pictures of ourselves and think, why did I think my eyebrows looked okay like that?  Do they still look like that?
Stop the embarrassment and the second guessing.  To avoid that painted, drawn on look, and get a more natural look, try Sephora's retractable brow pencil with buit on comb.  It comes in a variety of shades so we can achieve that natural looking brow we strive for!
Can you [FACEit]?

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