Friday, April 26, 2013


In Rome, blue paint was used to outline ______ because they were seen as a sign of beauty.

Do you know what the blue paint was used to outline?

Tune in later to find out!


  1. ANSWER: Their veins! Ladies would paint thin blue lines on the veins of their temples! They liked to be seen as fragile beings and this technique made their skin look more delicate and translucent.

    Source: Kenneth, A. H., Fate, J., & Dodds, B. (2011). Cultural and social influences on the perception of beauty: A case analysis of the cosmetics industry. Journal of Business Case Studies, 7(1), 1-10.

  2. Lovely blog. I really like the fact that yours is a bit different and takes a more holistic approach to beauty rather than being purely product driven.

    I have quite fair transparent skin & dislike the fact that without foundation my veins are visible. Oh, how fashions change!

    I also have the same blog background ;-)
    Thanks for following me on SSB. xox