Thursday, April 4, 2013

[FACEit] you don’t have to go to a salon to get cool nail designs

Nail salons can be somewhat expensive, the manicure doesn’t always turn out how you want, and sometimes they don’t even last longer than a day.  So skip the salon and try some nail art tricks at home!

For the technique I just tried all you need are two nail polish colors (one light and one darker), scissors and some scotch tape!

Apply a base coat if you desire, and then one layer of the lighter color. Then it’s time to start taping.  Let this coat dry while you decide what combination of lines, arrows, and angles you would like.   

Once your nails are dry start placing the scotch tape on your nails.  Make sure the tape is completely stuck to the nail, if you leave air pockets under the tape the nail polish will seep under and ruin your perfect lines.  Tape each nail before you begin the next step.

Next, paint the darker color over the tape, avoiding cuticles and skin.  Wait about 2 minutes before gently pealing off the tape and...

TADA! You just gave yourself a cool nail design at home, FOR FREE!

What creative nail designs have you tried at home?

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